Programme Overview

The key topics of Energija14

The five key topics we will address this year are:

  • The Introduction of Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms
  • SEE Trading Perspectives in time of Market Coupling
  • Customer Perspectives: prices and new business models
  • The Investment climate in SE Europe
  • Energy Affordability and state aid issues

All the topics will be discussed mainly from the perspective of SE Europe but through global experience. The event will address for instance the impact on SEE of price developments in the European markets, the role of states in the context of increased regulation, the consequence of emerging capacity remuneration mechanisms in the face of regulated prices for consumers, and the challenge for individual states to establish an investment climate – which would not introduce additionally asymmetric conditions among the countries – is becoming tougher….

At last year’s event we intensively debated the Capacity Market prospects however this year we already have the concrete solutions, also the first ideas in the SE Europe. How will such models work in the region? How will it affect the market or its prices?

The regional electricity trading landscape is additionally transforming through introduction of power exchanges, through improved integration of renewable energy sources and most of all through market coupling processes. The market coupling borders are moving, price coupling of regions projects are on the way. These challenging issues will be discussed by the leading representatives of TSOs, power exchanges and traders.

On the downstream side of the energy supply value chain there is the end consumer, whose role on the energy market is changing more than ever. Consumer’s engagement and the introduction of new business models in the energy retail are going to be of most significance for the retailers. New business models, including smart energy offerings, are already creating a whole new market environment in some most developed and competitive national markets. What will be the future drivers for customers’ loyalty, are the new entrants going to take over the business or will the incumbent retailers be able to keep the market position?


Tuesday, December 2nd 2014
Opening of the Conference
Welcome speech
Tomaž Orešič, Conference Chairman

Perica Jukić, President of the Board, HEP, Croatia

Ivan Vrdoljak, Minister, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Croatia
Key-note Session
Energy Policy Key-note Session
IEM update, Energy Affordability and state aid issue
Session Chairman, Tomaž Orešič, Conference Chairman
Ivan Vrdoljak, Minister, Ministry of Economy of Republic of Croatia
Hans ten Berge, Secretary General, Eurelectric, Belgium
dr.Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Director, DG Energy, European Commission
Janez Kopač, Director, Energy Community Secretariat, Austria
Coffee Break
Session 1
Market Structure, Investment and Energy Affordability Key-note Session
Investment landscape in SE Europe in the current market conditions
Session Chairman, Mr.Peter Frankl, director of business daily Finance
Session Key-Note Yetík K. Mert, CEO, Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş., Turkey
Perica Jukić, Chairman of the Board, HEP d.d., Croatia
Blaž Košorok, Director, HSE d.o.o., Slovenia
Aleksandar Obradović, Chairman of the Board, Elektroprivreda Srbije, Serbia
Jože Špiler, Manager – Technical division and investments, GEN Energija, d.o.o., Slovenia
Session 2
Session Chairman, dr.Gerhard Neubauer, Verbund A.G.
Miroslav Mesić, Chairman of the Board, HOPS d.o.o., Croatia
Alexander Wirth, Director, TSC TSOs – Joint Office, Germany
Volker Zuleger, Head of the Market Monitoring Department, ACER, Slovenia
Coffee Break
Session 3
Retail Market and New Business Models
Customers’ Perspective: prices and new business models
Session Chairman, dr.Philip Lewis, Finland
Session Key-note by dr.Philip Lewis, CEO VaasaETT Oy., Finland
Mr.Sc. Tina Jakaša, Director, HEP Opskrba d.o.o., Croatia
Mitja Terče, Director, Elektro Celje Energija d.o.o., Slovenia
Dr.Stephan Sharma, Director Energy Economics and Business Management, Verbund A.G., Austria
Lex Liebregts, Manager New Business, Pricewise, Netherlands
Gala Dinner
Address by Mr.Matjaž Kek, HNK Rijeka
Wednesday, December 3rd 2014
Session 4
Prices, Transparency and Market Design
Session Chairman, Alenka Žumbar, Director and Editor in Chief
Ivor Županić, Director, HROTE, Croatia
Simona Benedettini, LEAR, Italy: Negative electricity prices as European reality
Dr. Wolfgang Pospischil, Managing Director, Pöyry Management Consulting, Austria (Alpine Arch Energy Forum Initiative)
Darko Kramar, ELES d.o.o. Slovenia
Coffee Break
Session 5
SEE Trading Perspective in time of Market Coupling
Market transformation through introduction of power exchanges, through improved integration of renewable energy sources and most of all through market coupling processes
Session Chairman, Karlo Peršolja, Director, Borzen d.o.o., Slovenia
Session Key-note by Mr.Sc.Barbara Jenčič Dekleva, ELES d.o.o., Slovenia
Anže Predovnik, Director, BSP SouthPool, Slovenia
Mr.Sc. Silvio Brkić, Director, Cropex, Croatia
Yana Dimitrova, Energo-Pro, Czech Republic
Miloš Mladenović, Director for International and Regulatory Affairs, Elektromreža Srbije
Jiří Strnad, Director for International Relations & Trade Services, ČEPS, a.s.,Czech Republic
Vladimir Djordjevic, LE Trading
Conference Conclusion
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